Fornitori e contrattori

Dear supplier, dear potential supplier,

ISAB is continuously working in order to improve its processes also within Procurement Area. The main goal is to increase transparency, fairness and competitiveness maintaining the same time the best level of quality in services, materials and equipment complying to the Tender principles of LUKOIL OAO.

For these reasons, we kindly inform you, that, starting from today, ISAB tender process will be modified as described below:

  • All the tenders will be announced at ISAB official website in the dedicated supplier area "Supplier and Contractors;
  • Progressively, no Request of Offer will be sent by ISAB to suppliers: suppliers intending to participate at the tender must check periodically the website;
  • Only qualified suppliers will be admitted at the tender;
  • All potential suppliers can apply the qualification process not later than 3 months before the participation in tender;
  • Tender procedure and qualification process will be developed within ARIBA web-system;
  • Supplier, intending to participate, must apply the registration form in ARIBA (if never done before) and communicate to related buyer;

For any questions or clarification request please see “Supplier and Contractors” at or contact ISAB at the following

ISAB Procurement
Via Leonida Bissolati, 20
00187 Roma
Tel. +39.06.42033511

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